Customized and standard products for turbine equipment

      A complete product portfolio — suitable for all types of turbine industry applications

      Wuxi TRUMY is a global sulpplier of high performance turbine transmission solutions, and our scope of services cover all areas of onshore and offshore N/W/C energy, ethylene chemicals, U/M/D oil and gas, and TRUMY products can be found in the core flexible transmission components in most large projects in the industrialization of China. TRUMY has complete technical service teams and business support network in the industry, able to provide customers in all regions with high-quality transmission products and technical support services.  

Application categories

     Driving units:

     1.Industrial steam turbines — for various generators and compressor

     2.Industrial gas turbines — for various generators and piping drive

     3.Synchronous/asynchronous motors — Solutions for electrified drive

     4.VFD motors — Solutions for variable frequency drive

     5.TRT/EP expanders — Turbine expansion or tail turbine drive scheme

      Driven units:

     1.Compact solutions for integrated skid-mounted air separation units; 

     2.Solutions for integrated/distributed gear type compressors; 

     3.Solutions for various energy recovery compressors; 

     4.Solutions for steam/motor driven single shaft centrifugal/centrifugal cylindrical compressors

     5.Solutions for blast furnace blast axial flow turbine compressors

     6.Solutions for axial flow centrifugal isothermal turbine compressors

     7.High efficiency pipeline compressors for gas delivery and energy storage

     8.Compressors for metallurgical industry, PTA, all kinds of air and process gases

     9.Oil and gas fields and reciprocating compressors, and onshore/offshore applications;