Technical development and engineering cases

       Recent application situation of high performance products: Since 2001, TRUMY disc/diaphragm couplings have been used in a wide range of power equipment, including high speed/high torque applications such as compressors and turbines. TRUMY has worked closely with many well-known OEMs in the world to ensure the reliable operation of their equipment and to make long-term contributions to the industrialization, modernization and efficiency improvement of all industries, obtaining high appraisal by users of different industries worldwide. 

       Having worked hard in petrochemical sector for over 30 years, TRUMY deeply understands the common desires of customers in industries — better performance, less budget and shorter lead time. TRUMY has set new records one after another together with its customers. Today, of the exported coupling products of TRUMY, the maximum power to speed ratio (KW/RPM) is 30, the maximum torque 800,000 N.m, the maximum weight 3.15T and the maximum length 4.1m. 

     1.Diaphragm couplings for pipeline compressors in batches

      Natural gas compressors in booster stations for long distance natural gas pipelines, with their demand for high safety and reliability and low maintenance, use with imported diaphragm couplings at all times, with high cost, expensive spare parts and tardy service. TRUMY has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the R&D, manufacturing and application in the field of diaphragm couplings, with achievements of several thousand sets of couplings in service. The stainless steel diaphragm couplings marketed in 2010 have the advantages of strong environmental adaptability, high reliability, long service life, and freedom of maintenance, becoming the first choice for high-performance turbine compressors. Cooperation with compressor manufacturers was started in 2015 in batches, and now a large number of couplings are used in motor-driven or gas turbine drive natural gas compressors and gas turbine-generator sets. 

      2.Delivery of diaphragm couplings for large cracked gas compressors

       Dalian Hengli is one of the world-class large refining and chemical projects, the cracked gas units of Hengli are in the “steam – IP – LP – HP” combination, with the unit power of about 85 MW/50 MW/35 MW. These turbine units operate at high speed of 3500rpm over long time. 

Cracked gas compressor is a typical representative high-end application of high power, high speed and connection of multiple flexible rotors. The industrial steam turbine driving the compressor is provided by Hangzhou Steam Turbine , with design power of the unit nearly 90 MW, and maximum capacity of 100MW, as one of the large driving industrial steam turbines in the world nowadays. On the IP side of cracked gas unit turbine, the transmitted power is 81586kw/3509rpm, so the unit requires a high efficiency connection solution that is able to transmit high power at high speed and also realize large compensation. Also, this side features relatively severe working conditions in the whole unit. As the pioneer and leader of complex industrial transmission applications in China, TRUMY selected a mature solution of all stainless steel flexible diaphragm connection based on the features of the unit. The product was delivered on December 15, 2019 and has been running stably since its successful start-up on January 29, 2020. The successful application of this project has demonstrated that the comprehensive performance of China-made turbine diaphragm couplings has reached a new level, provides a new choice for high-performance transmission solutions of OEM manufacturers around the world. 

3.Batch delivery of couplings for large air separation units

      In recent years, Trumy has delivered products to a number of large air separation projects, as one of the main suppliers of high performance couplings in the world. In addition to Shenyang Blower and Shaanxi Blower  in China, Trumy also delivers couplings on long-term basis  for air separation units to customers including German Siemens, Man Turbo and Atlas Copco. 

(For large air separation units, as the core equipment of petroleum and coal chemical industry, only Siemens, Man Turbo and other few manufacturers can develop and manufacture products of this class over a long time in the world. In China, Shenyang Blower Factory successfully made the localized 100,000Nm3/h air separation units for Ningmei of Shenhua and Baofeng in Ningxia, realizing a new historical breakthrough in the localization of major technological equipment, a long-cherished Chinese Dream/ refer to news report).  

       4.Export of couplings for large expansion generators

       Large expansion generators are used in waste heat power generation, geothermal power generation or pressure reduction expansion power generation, and integral gear radial expander is suitable for the recovery of energy from medium to high temperature exhaust gas or other industrial process flow, a very mature product application. Waste heat power generation is an extremely economical investment in industry. The turbine expander converts the waste heat generated in the process into precious electric energy, which can be used by own or output to the grid. To ensure long-term and reliable operation of the equipment in the whole life cycle, Wuxi TRUMY has selected the mature solution of laminated flexible shaft connection. It can operate normally under extreme conditions of up to six times the normal torque in addition to normal drive, the project, based in Ozmen, Turkey, has a capacity of 38,200HP/ 1,500 RPM.

      5.Batch export of high performance products, highly praised on European and American markets

      After years of efforts by the overseas engineering, manufacturing and service teams of TRUMY, TRUMY has exported laminated coupling products with the maximum power to speed ratio (KW/RPM) of 30, maximum torque 800,000 N.m, maximum weight 3.15T and maximum length 4.1m. The customer representative ACC procurement manager replied that, “TRUMY has provided many years of reliable service for AC's entire group business, with its products covering all the turbine compressor units of the group, and has delivered a number of high-power, long-span and extremely demanding industrial drive applications. TRUMY is a trusted partner, and has also provided strong support for the rapid development of ACC business”.  The ACC technical manager HomerZhu added that, “In addition to a long term good cooperation relationship, their leading solutions often provide us with particularly efficient, economic and reliable alternatives, so that our equipment can serve our owners steadily over long time.”