Presentation of additional functions of couplings

Couplings are not only designed to connect machines, as an important part of mechanical "fuse" and shaft system, couplings can be added with many additional functions to serve specific applications and equipment: 

Presentation of additional functions of couplings (optional)

• Unit lateral /torsional tuning

• Low temperature or corrosion resistant materials

• All kinds of torque measuring instruments

• Various torque overload protection functions

• Shear pin/gasket/double drive

• Special inertia balancing or braking

• Different grades of electrical insulation devices

• Turning/speed measurement/phase slot/sealing devices

• Use of titanium alloy or other composite materials

(Detailed presentation of application and solution examples of various special functions)

For any demand of high speed/large torque transmission for special applications, please contact TRUMY engineers on relevant details.