Wuxi TRUMYis a global supplier of high-performance flexible transmission solutions. Ourservices include all process of U/M/D of land and offshore O&G, and have astrong competitive advantage in various fields. the company has delivered thecore flexible transmission components of most large-scale chemical, oil andgas, nuclear power, air separation, metallurgy and other projects in around theAsia.

Ability and Achievement  of TRUMY:

1、Various of application in all kinds of high-HP trains:

◆Max45,000 Kw of Electrical Motor (Sy/As/VFD) 

◆Max54,000 Kw of Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine

◆Max81,586 Kw of ST– Ethylene Cracking Comp

◆Max110 MW of Heavy Gas Turbine –Generator

◆CustomizationSolution for Special Flexible Application.

2、Including all kinds of experience for Huge turbo machinery equipment:

◆ High efficiency pipeline compressor for gas transportation. 

◆ High-power single-stage turbine compressor. 
◆ Process / air compressor for industrial metallurgy. 
◆ Reciprocating compressors for gas fields and processes. 
◆ Application of complex conditions at high altitude / sea. 

3、Practical experience of all kinds of special applications of global equipment manufacturers.:
◆ Including all kinds of compressor units and generator sets. 
◆ Practical experience of Petrochemical high speed pump trains. 
◆ Series connection of up to six units / 5 connections. 
◆ Achievement of coupling DBSE more than 12 meters. 
◆ Application experience of special materials or composite materials.

4、A well-trained technicalconsultant can provide for you: 

◆Quick feedback: Emergency maintenance or componentrefurbishment / unit modification. 

◆Maintenancemanagement: Life cycle management to improve comprehensive reliability. 
◆Technicalconsultant: Fault analysis of core parts of transmission units and specificsolutions. 
◆Risk management: Major equipment maintenance riskmanagement consulting and training